About Us

Lewis Chambers’ philosophy is to develop and maintain long-term client relationships in order to assist in achieving a client’s financial aspirations. We are committed to providing a quality, personalised service and in an ever changing financial world, explain and deliver solutions in an uncomplicated way.

We are passionate about helping to change our client’s financial future, provide greater financial security and giving our clients more choices.

As independent financial advisers it is vital that we consider the wealth of investment options available to clients in order to recommend the most suitable solutions.

Each and every client of Lewis Chambers is treated as an individual and their investment requirements are considered in every detail.

Lewis Chambers believes that ‘advice’ is on-going and more complex than just making arrangements for financial transactions.

As independent advisers our recommendations will be based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market. This means that we consider and recommend relevant and suitable solutions to you and do so without any restrictions or bias.

  • Independent financial advice
  • Highly qualified advisers
  • Each client treated individually
  • Helping you make informed decisions